Reviews for Black and White Cat, White and Black Dog

The Picture Book Review

At a Glance/Summary:

This is a beautifully illustrated and endearing story of a cat and dog that, at first, don’t get along. However, when the dog shares her food with the cat, they begin a wonderful friendship. It’s a delightful story about friendship and a gentle reminder how a simple act of kindness can completely change a situation. This is a fantastic book to share with anyone. It’s pure goodness! We all enjoy and highly, highly recommend this book.

Where to Get it:

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Why You Should Read this Book:

It is very funny. We laughed throughout the entire story.

It has a very sweet ending. Everyone loves to see a dog and a cat curled up together.

The illustrations are oil pastel on paper and are beautiful. Each page is a full display of art. The vast amount of care and detail Marlaena Shannon has put into illustrating this book is readily apparent.

It’s an excellent book to approach conflict resolution.

By using a dog and cat as the main characters, the story gently addresses conflict. If your little one is having a hard time getting along with someone — this story gives a fresh perspective that relationships can and do get better with work.

This book emphasizes the positive. (Eight pages of how they didn’t get along and 24 pages of how they do.)

This picture book is for everyone! Toddlers to grandparents and everyone in between will enjoy this book.

There isn’t a lot of text and some pages only have one word of text on them. This makes it very inviting for new readers.

You’ll feel so happy when reading this story. Both my son and I were grinning when we finished the story and we both wanted to reread it immediately.

This is a fantastic book for a group story time. (I will be bringing this book to my local library to show our children’s librarian. She’s going to love it.)

How My Three-and-a Half-Year-Old Son Responds to this Book:

My son enjoys this book immensely. We’ve read it about 20 times at this point and he adores it. One unique feature this book has is that it asks a few well-placed questions to the audience throughout the story. It was great having questions throughout the book. My son would answer the questions enthusiastically and differently each time. We both thought that it was a lot of fun and it engaged both of us in a different way than we’re used to when reading through a picture book.

He, as usual, asked lots of questions and had a lot of comments. Each reading is a very active experience. He loves the image of the cat and dog taking a bath together. He asked if we could give our cat a bath. He then asked for a white and black dog to keep our cat company.

Considering that he now has a new baby brother — this book is very relevant and helpful. The baby spits up, cries, demands my attention, poops, and does other baby things that my son just doesn’t quite understand. I keep telling my eldest that as the baby gets older he will spit up less, cry less, and be more fun and interactive. I can’t promise that they’ll be best friends, but I can promise that sharing and being kind will make the relationship better. So it is important for my eldest to share and be patient. As the baby gets older and has started smiling, it is getting better.

This book has done a beautiful job of explaining to him that the first impression of his baby brother will not be his lasting impression.


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The Midwest Book Review

Black and White Cat/ White and Black Dog is a unique, creatively crafted and illustrated animal story that celebrates friendships across differences in animals, especially one dog and one cat. Every page is filled with textured, furry-appearing illustrations of black and white cat and white and black dog exploring their world together. The accompanying minimal narrative expresses volumes of feelings through work and image integration. The beautiful message is that one unique pair of beloved pets could gradually learn to accept their differences and enjoy their common interests; in short to become good friends. Black and White Cat/White and Black Dog is a wonderful story with a compassionate yin-yang image at its heart, and a message of pleas for support of your local animal shelter, such as the Almost Home Project. Even very young children will catch and enjoy the spontaneous joy in the pages of pictures and paw prints and words of Black and White Cat/White and Black Dog.

The Children’s Book Review

What to expect: Cats, Dogs, Friendship, Acceptance

Black and White Cat, White and Black Dog, by Marlaena Shannon, is the endearing story of an unlikely friendship that grows between two pets who come to accept each other’s differences.

When the black and white cat and the white and black dog first meet, they’re really not sure of each other and are quick to notice their differences and they are very happy to keep distance between themselves. However, when mealtime comes along, the pair connects through the commonalty of eating:

“White and black dog saw white and black cat eating her food. What do you suppose happened next? White and black dog shared her food with black and white cat. What a nice thing to do.”

From this moment on they become friends who always look out for each other. They share toys, treats, bath time, and naps in sunny spots.

Author and illustrator Marlaena Shannon does a nice job wrapping up the story by showcasing that the animals have come to accept their differences and she asks readers to think about how this acceptance came to be. Most importantly, she points out:

“Perhaps it doesn’t matter …. One thing is for certain: How lucky they are to be forever friends.”

Parents will enjoy reading this to young readers, ages 3-6, for its gentle introduction to the concepts of kindness and acceptance.